What is Valentines day without a good love song?

South African music duo Dominic & Tom featuring the magnificent Haylea Heyns perform one of the all-time greatest love songs, live from the Open Ocean Exhibit in our Shipwreck Aquarium. This cover of the famous Lifehouse song, “You and Me” is performed 100% live and captured in one take.

We’re not sure how the manta ray knew to appear at exactly the right moments, we can only assume it has theatric flair and an ear for music.

Dominic & Tom and Haylea Heyns are well accomplished musical acts, between them having performed in stadiums, toured with major international musicals, and had their songs play extensively on South African radio stations. Their audiences extend internationally, and their digital presences continue to grow. Their original music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer etc.

Be sure to follow Dominic & Tom, Haylea Heyns on all their social platforms to receive up-to-the-minute updates on their latest releases, events, and news.

music video

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